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Luxury is a frame of mind...
and a well done room. 

I can't wait to share with you and know you!


Life should be beautiful. We aren't here to just trudge through... 
Our space speaks to that. I believe this and try to live it the best I can.
I would love to show you how you can, too. 

Design with Sharon Mueller

Buy, Sell, Decorate. Love your space. Share what you love.

I am a lover of design, people, imaginations, making things beautiful, and living BIG through working hard and living chic. There is nothing like having a vision for what we want and being a part of creating that reality. Here you will find inspiration for designing like a pro, doing it yourself, and many things that I love and know have a real impact on buying and selling real estate. I believe that personal style provides a sanctuary of comfort when it comes to our homes and spaces. Whatever your style, I want to help you love your space!

- Chic Love, Sharon 


Blog...All I love


"It isn't only the way she designs a space and makes it affordable and workable for her clients, but the love and fun she puts into every finishing touch." 

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