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Eclectic style on a budget....I love this!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

I love all styles - that CAN be a problem....not really - it just means I have to change this up quite often. My biggest decorating rule (besides there are no rules..) : Mix HI and LOW. All that really means is that you can put some very inexpensive decor finds alongside your most expensive finds and they all blend into high style. I shop garage sales, Facebook marketplace, and high end stores and the results can be amazing.

Some of my best finds come from the craziest places...yes I have been known to have the hubs stop alongside someone's trash-best find ever was a light fixture pulled from a neighbors trash -in the dark. I pulled it, thinking it would be stunning painted hot pink for a friend's daughters bedroom, but she did not want to mess with it. It got loaded on our moving truck a month later, and finally ended up in the kitchen back in "07 in our Country French home (an almost $700K priced home by the way)-it was too cute!

Remember, this was 2007-but here is my "LOW" aka Free light fixture in a high end home!

Start checking in regularly-say once a week or so, and I will show you how I achieve eclectic style on a budget- Good design CAN be budget-friendly and good design should help you tell your "story", and reflect your tastes...when someone enters your home or even your workspace, they should be able to tell a bit about you just from your environment!

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