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Everyone knows I love a project-especially an easy one. I stole this from another post that I cannot remember to whom I should credit, but this one is worth seeing. No electrical supply, but a desire to put a light up? I got these lights super cheap on Amazon, and then a trip to the big box hardware store for battery/remote operated lights, a light socket and I am off.

Step one

Glue /caulk or epoxy the light to the socket (the light has to be a screw off back to access the batteries)

I purchased a two light set of these from Amazon for under $50!

I used a plastic epoxy to glue the pucks onto the socket, but just about any glue or caulk will work....

Step two

Hang the light fixture-I had to cut off the wires from my fixtures, as they were meant to be the plug in kind

Step 3-

Screw in the lights, turn them on with remote, and enjoy!

The cost of this project was less than $100. These would be great over bookcases, by the bed, over windows or doors, or even over artwork.

The puck lights put out a kind of "pinkish" light but I love love love them! This was a less than $80 project and it took about 45 minutes!

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