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My Very First House Call!

I have had this in my head for a while now, and I finally decided I needed to pull the trigger...first it is only fair that I share my own home with you. So, let's get started....

Everyone knows I love blue and is always a good idea if you have collections and you want them to be "noticed" group them together!

I like "stuff", and it shows here in my great room!

I am big on using sentimental and meaningful items in my home decor - that is one of my Grandmother's plates inside the white lantern box. The wooden duck was hand-carved by my brother in law Tom as a wedding gift ( 40 years ago!)

This shelving at the bottom of our stairway highlights a few favorite pictures and works by local artist when we travel.

If you or someone you know has an interesting home you would love to see featured call or text me at 573-576-1286. Follow me on insta @BuySellDecorate for more design ideas and pics!

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