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Wall Art Made Easy!

Ok, we all know quality wall art can be pricey, but it also a way to express ourselves in our homes. If I had to do it all over again, I would buy one great piece of art every year, so by now I would have quite a collection. Guess what, I did not do that so I have figured out other ways to adorn my walls-let me share a few tips.

If you own it, frame it....whether it is a seashell, jewelry, a favorite hat, etc you can frame it. Below my Aunt Lala's sterling serving pieces hang in my kitchen.

Sterling framed for everyone to enjoy

Who knew costume jewelry can be art?

You can download bird prints from the National Audubon Society ( and then frame them to suit.

An Ikea framed free download=inexpensive art

In my bedroom I was inspired enough one day to find a horizontal poster at Hobby Lobby, cut it into four pieces to make wall art for my the frames online ( and they make a statement!

Multiples make a great impact

We have always bought a small watercolor print or card when we traveled and these make for a great wall display and provide us with memories Below are some prints my neighbor got in Paris and had framed...looking good!

You can buy inexpensive canvases, and "make them your own" by adding in your own paint colors to customize, or you can frame them like these two. -Both are canvases that were less than $75

A clearance canvas, added a home made frame and dabbed in a couple of my colors

A simple canvas is elevated by using a flea market frame to highlight it.

And my all time favorites, are creating my own framed intaglios...will do a diy post on these soon.

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