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Master Bedroom Cabinet...DIY Deluxe!

So you know I am a "high-low" designer-all this means is that I will sometimes splurge on what I consider to be a more high-priced item or design feature but when I do I try to balance it with a "low" item, something I can make or transform, or get on FB Marketplace....

I saw this cabinet while helping a client look for a console for her living room....and of course, I fell in love with it for my master bedroom (was getting ready to eliminate my mirrored TV armoire) I did not love the over $2400 price tag so I decided to make my own!

It started with a call to my local cabinet supplier, good ole Buzz Ferrell-Cabinet Buzz. I sent him the pic of the original and we talked about how I could order two cabinets to get the 72 inch length I wanted--the cabinets had to NOT have a kick plate type bottom-these were 30 inch cabinets that were 23.5 in deep.

I used my Critter mason jar spray painter and laid on a coat of BIN shellac based primer, then sprayed a couple of coats of Benjamin Moore Advance (a custom color) - I am still trying to conquer the spray gun, so in the end I used a foam roller as a last quick coat on the doors.

The base is 1 inch tubular steel, welded by my hubs, and he ordered the"feet" that goes inside the legs of the base stand. Any welding/metals shop could do this for a nominal fee.The cabinets screw together and also are screwed through the tubular base. The base was primed and then sprayed with Rustoleum Imagine Gold.

I looked online for some hardware but just could not find anything I liked-luckily I have Southfork Lighting ( down the street from me and they had a great selection of hardware I could order-it was pricey (25 bucks a piece) but well worth it.

The inspiration piece surely had marble on it, and after pricing marble remnants I decided to cheap out and just get a marble-looking laminate at Ikea. It looks great!

I am so happy with this project, and it provides both the look and the function I need! My total cost ended up at about $1K, over half of what the inspiration piece cost!

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