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Warming up the Palette

It is finally fall-like outside, with a freshness to the air that invigorates me! Just got back from a few days in Florida (will post some eye candy from that later this week) so I am slammed with my real estate business, but I was able to steal an hour or so this afternoon between appointments to come home and start "warming' up my great room. I bought these Mitchell and Gold leather chairs (from my favorite high end reseller, The Refind Room in St. Louis) and thought they might make for good change....

Our new caramel leather wingbacks

They warm up the room for fall!

Then I remembered that the artwork over the fireplace ( a $100 Facebook Marketplace find) was switched out earlier this year to "summarize" the great thankfully the hubs was around to help me switch it out too...;and of course "heavier" pillows on the other chairs to pull the caramel color around the room...

Stay tuned....this is just what I could get done in a small break in the middle of a fall afternoon, while waiting on contracts to come in!

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